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General Order's Manual

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Document Name Document Type Subject Description
01-01 General Order DELEGATION AND COMMAND Department policy is to designate command responsibilities for those situations where personnel from different commands are engaged in the same operation with a common goal.
01-02 General Order OFFICER'S DUTIES Department policy is to establish an Officer's code of conduct for those situations where sworn personnel are required to act in an official capacity or are performing official duties. This code of conduct is oriented toward an approach to train or develop by instruction.
01-03 General Order BIASED BASED POLICING/PROFILING It is the policy of the Albuquerque Police Department to respect and protect the constitutional rights of all individuals during law enforcement contacts and/or enforcement actions and that such enforcement decisions will not be predicated solely on the basis of an individual’s race, color, national origin or ancestry, citizenship status, language spoken, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, or economic status.
01-04 General Order PERSONNEL CODE OF CONDUCT Personnel of the Albuquerque Police Department are expected to follow a prescribed code of conduct and to act responsibly while on and off-duty. The Department holds its personnel accountable for all actions which reflect adversely on the department.
01-05 General Order RECORDS Department policy is to provide an efficient and reliable reporting system and to report and record significant incidents that come to the Department's attention.
01-06 General Order BACKGROUND INVESTIGATIONS Department policy is to conduct background investigations consistent with a citizen's right to privacy and constitutional guarantees.
01-07 General Order COMMUNICATIONS Department policy is to coordinate the delivery of police services with requests from citizens and department personnel utilizing radio, telephone, and digital communications equipment.
01-08 General Order EMERGENCY MEDICAL AND SHELTER SERVICES Department policy is to assist citizens in need of emergency medical aid and/or emergency shelter.
01-09 General Order DISCIPLINE SYSTEM Department policy is to ensure that disciplinary action be taken in a prompt, resolute, fair, and consistent manner. In order to provide a framework for the fair and consistent administration of discipline, the Department has established a Schedule of Sanctions. This will enable the department to retain its discretionary authority for the "individualized" imposition of disciplinary action while ensuring a systematic and equitable administration of discipline to all personnel of the Albuquerque Police Department.
01-11 General Order OT, COMPENSATORY TIME AND WORK SHIFT DESIGNATION Department policy is to compensate personnel for all overtime worked in the form of wages and/or compensatory time as provided by law.
01-12 General Order HARASSMENT/SEXUAL HARASSMENT IN THE WORKPLACE The City of Albuquerque and the Police Department are committed to providing a work environment free from all forms of harassment. Harassment is a prohibited form of discrimination under city, state, and/or federal law, and is misconduct subject to disciplinary action by the Department. All Department employees, supervisors and managers are responsible for maintaining a work environment free of any form of harassment and will be held fully accountable in complying with this policy and taking appropriate measures to ensure that such conduct does not occur. Any Department employee found to have engaged in prohibited harassment will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination. This policy applies to all forms of harassment, including sexual harassment, and supplements, but does not replace City Administrative Instruction NO. 7-18.
01-13 General Order POLICE PRESS RELATIONS/RELEASE OF POLICE IDENTIFICATION PHOTOGRAPHS Department policy is to support the fundamental principles of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, as it pertains to the rights of the news media and the public. The police department is committed to informing the community and the news media of events within the public domain that are handled by or involve the department.
01-14 General Order BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES DIVISION Department policy is to provide all needed psychological services including consultation and treatment to sworn and civilian staff and their family members. Requests for such services can come from the department, employees, or family members. Services can be voluntary or mandatory in nature.
01-15 General Order REQUESTS FOR LEGAL OPINIONS FROM THE CITY ATTORNEY Department policy is to provide its employees with a means of obtaining legal opinions regarding police related matters from the City Attorney's office and the department's Legal Advisor.
01-16 General Order GROOMING STANDARDS Department policy establishes that all employees meet appropriate grooming standards as prescribed by the Chief of Police. All employees, while on duty, unless otherwise directed by their commanding officer, shall be well groomed and clean. Clothes and shoes shall be clean and properly cared for. Attire shall conform to department rules and regulations. All department personnel are expected to dress appropriately for the work place. The Chief of Police reserves the right to determine the appropriate standard for personnel in a particular assignment.
01-17 General Order DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY/IMAGING This policy is to establish guidelines and procedures for the capture, storage, processing, and transmission of digital images by personnel when using digital imaging technologies to document items of evidentiary value during the course of their duties.
01-18 General Order CRASHES INVOLVING POLICE VEHICLES Department policy is to investigate and document all crashes involving police vehicles.
01-19 General Order POLICE VEHICLES Department policy is to provide for the maintenance, inspection, safe operation and issuance of all Department vehicles, and to control the parking of vehicles at the Law Enforcement Center.
01-21 General Order GATHERING OF CRIMINAL ACTIVITY INFORMATION Department policy is to maintain a balance between the rights of individuals, and the duty of government to maintain public safety by the control of criminal activity, and to provide for a system that controls the collection, maintenance and dissemination of criminal intelligence.
01-22 General Order AUTOMATED LICENSE PLATE READER PROGRAM The automated license plate reader program is designed to assist officers with quickly reading license plates and identifying stolen vehicles. This program can also be used to help officers or detectives in identify vehicles during an investigation.
01-24 General Order CRIME STOPPERS INVESTIGATIONS Department policy is to support the crime fighting capabilities of the Crime Stoppers Program by providing a Crime Stoppers Unit that coordinates a department wide information system. The Crime Stoppers Unit safeguards the confidentiality of crime stoppers informants.
01-28 General Order BOMB THREATS AND BOMB EMERGENCIES Department policy is to provide for the safety of Department personnel and citizens in the response, deployment, and handling of bomb threat/emergency situations.
01-29 General Order LAW ENFORCEMENT CENTER EVACUATION PLAN Department policy is to provide protection and safety for department employees. An emergency evacuation plan is therefore established for such protection and safety should an evacuation of the Law Enforcement Center become necessary.
01-30 General Order EMERGENCY COMMAND POST It is the policy of this Department to maintain an Emergency Command Post (ECP) that can be deployed at the scene of a large scale emergency or during an unusual occurrence.
01-31 General Order RIGHTS OF ONLOOKERS It is the policy of the Department to protect the rights of onlookers while maintaining the integrity of a scene and/or investigation.
01-37 General Order USE OF COMPUTER SYSTEMS It is the policy of the Albuquerque Police Department to implement the City of Albuquerque's "Employee Code of Conduct" regarding automated systems, to maintain proper licensing restrictions and requirements. To centralize and coordinate all automation efforts that include, but are not limited to, the effective acquisition and implementation of all computer systems, system applications and hardware components, under the direction of the Technical Assistance Section structure.
01-39 General Order USE OF TAPE/DIGITAL RECORDERS It is the policy of the Albuquerque Police Department to record contacts in which certain arrests have been made, portions of search warrants, or those contacts with the public that could result in complaints against department personnel. Officers are directed to use tape or digital recorders for their protection to guard against claims of improper conduct. They are an effective tool that will be used in all the instances listed below, and other instances at the officers’ discretion.
01-40 General Order EXPOSURE TO BLOOD OR BODY FLUIDS It is the policy of the Department to ensure personnel receive the appropriate treatment when exposed to any body fluids to facilitate proper protection and follow-up care.
01-41 General Order PURCHASING DEPARTMENT BADGES It is the policy of the Albuquerque Police Department to establish guidelines in order to control the issuance and purchasing of badges to personnel that are authorized to have such items.
01-42 General Order NOTIFICATION OF SIGNIFICANT INCIDENTS It is the policy of the Department to provide an efficient and reliable system to disseminate, report and record significant incidents that are brought to the attention of Department personnel by any means. The goal is to ensure that all levels of the Department are adequately informed about noteworthy incidents.
01-44 General Order 1-44 Social Media policy The policy of the department is to establish the department’s position on the utility, management, administration, and oversight of social media. This policy is not meant to address one particular form of social media, rather social media in general, to allow for new tools and future technologies.
01-45 General Order Police Intership Program The Police Internship Program is a function of the Department that identifies, selects, mentors and develops high school and college students for potential, future appointment with APD. As envisioned, the Intern Program has the potential to prepare students for service as police officers, police service aides, crime scene investigators, communications operators and information technology specialists, among other career fields. The intent of this program is to further the Department’s career recruitment and community outreach efforts.
01-46 General Order Emergency Response Team Emergency Response Team SOP
GO-Definition General Order General Order General order definitions