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Procedural Orders Manual

Document Index

Document Name Document Type Subject Description
02-01 Procedural Order COURT Department policy is to ensure that personnel are properly notified of scheduled court cases and Motor Vehicle Division Hearings in order to appear at the scheduled time properly prepared and attired.
02-02 Procedural Order DAMAGE TO DEPARTMENT OR CIVILIAN PROPERTY Department policy is to document damage to department or civilian property which occurs in the course of official duties.
02-04 Procedural Order INFORMANTS The department uses information supplied from a variety of sources, including informants. Information supplied by informants will be utilized only if the information relates to allegations of a criminal act and in accordance with rules of criminal procedures and constitutional guarantees. Guidelines are hereby set forth for the management of records, funds, operations at the department level, and maintenance of the files which are kept at the unit or section in which they originated. Note:This policy in no way attempts to affect the Crimestoppers program policies or procedures as established by the Crimestoppers Citizens' Board of Directors.
02-05 Procedural Order INSPECTION OF MOTOR VEHICLES Only those officers trained to inspect motor vehicles are authorized to complete and sign the certificate necessary to register vehicles in New Mexico.
02-06 Procedural Order UNIFORMS Department policy is to ensure that all personnel are properly attired when in uniform. Non-uniformed civilian personnel will meet acceptable standards of dress as established by the Chief of Police.
02-07 Procedural Order PUBLIC RECOGNITION AWARDS Department policy is to recognize outstanding assistance rendered by citizens to the police.
02-08 Procedural Order SUBMISSION OF EVIDENCE, CONFISCATED PROPERTY, AND FOUND ITEMS Department policy is to ensure proper chain of custody and to provide for the safe, efficient, and careful handling and preservation of all property and evidence that comes under the Department's control.
02-09 Procedural Order AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT Article I. It is the policy of the Albuquerque Police Department to comply with all applicable aspects of the Americans with Disabilities Act as enacted by Congress under Public Law 101-336-July 26, 1990. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) provides comprehensive civil rights protection to individuals with disabilities in the areas of employment, public accommodations, state and local government services and programs, and telecommunications. The ADA prohibits all state and local governments and some private businesses from discriminating on the basis of disability.
02-10 Procedural Order OFFENSE/INCIDENT REPORT FORM INSTRUCTIONS Department policy is to ensure proper completion of offense/incident reports per the guidelines and instructions detailed in this procedural order.
02-11 Procedural Order HOSPITAL PROCEDURES AND RULES Department policy is to ensure that medical care is provided to arrested persons, intoxicated persons, when such care is needed, based on approved medical and legal procedures.
02-12 Procedural Order INTERVIEWS AND COLLECTION OF EVIDENCE AT HOSPITALS Department policy is to interview individuals and collect evidence at hospitals when necessary; consistent with approved medical and legal procedures.
02-13 Procedural Order RESPONSE TO THE MENTALLY ILL AND PEOPLE IN CRISIS Department policy is to provide an effective response to situations involving subjects who are suspected and/or verifiably mentally ill, and/or people in crisis in order to avoid unnecessary violence and potential civil litigation, and to ensure that proper medical attention is provided. This policy is to serve as a guideline to enable officers to identify behavior indicative of a mental illness or crisis, and to utilize Department and other resources to bring incidents involving the mentally ill and people in crisis to a desirable resolution.
02-14 Procedural Order ARRESTS, ARREST WARRANTS, AND BOOKING PROCEDURES Department policy is to arrest felony and misdemeanor violators of laws which its officers are empowered to enforce and to follow correct legal procedures required in arresting, booking, and filing charges against such violators.
02-15 Procedural Order OFF-DUTY CONDUCT: POWER OF ARREST Off-duty officers are often faced with situations involving criminal conduct that they are neither equipped nor prepared to handle in the same manner as if they were on duty. This may lead to unnecessary injuries to off-duty officers, and confusion for those on-duty officers arriving at the scene trying to correctly assess the facts. In order to promote safe and the most efficient operations, it is the policy of this police department to determine and regulate those situations and locations within which a sworn member is permitted to make an arrest while off-duty.
02-16 Procedural Order EXECUTION OF SEARCH WARRANTS Standardized procedures will be followed in the execution of search warrants to ensure the effectiveness of the operation, the safety of personnel and the public, and that all legal requirements are met.
02-17 Procedural Order SEARCH AND SEIZURE WITHOUT A WARRANT Department policy is to provide officers with guidelines to conduct warrantless searches and seizures in order to uphold individual civil rights, protect officers and others, and govern the collection of evidence.
02-18 Procedural Order MISDEMEANOR TRAFFIC AND CITY ORDINANCE ENFORCEMENT Department policy is to enforce the misdemeanor laws of the State of New Mexico and City of Albuquerque using traffic, misdemeanor, and parking citations whenever possible and appropriate.
02-19 Procedural Order RESTRAINT AND TRANSPORTATION OF PRISONERS Department policy is to ensure safety and security for prisoners, transporting officers, and the general public when transporting restrained prisoners in police vehicles.
02-20 Procedural Order BODY CAVITY AND STRIP SEARCHES Department policy is to ensure that body cavity/strip searches of prisoners are conducted within the limits of legal authority, with consideration for safety of personnel and suspects, out of public view, and with due regard for human dignity.
02-21 Procedural Order HARM REDUCTION ACT/NEEDLE EXCHANGE PROGRAM It is the policy of the Albuquerque Police Department to comply with all aspects of the Harm Reduction Act, which authorizes the New Mexico Department of Health to establish a needle exchange program for intravenous drug users.
02-22 Procedural Order FIREARMS AND AMMUNITION AUTHORIZATION It is department policy to provide officers with a duty sidearm, a 12 gauge shotgun, and necessary ammunition for these firearms. Officers are trained in the proficient use of these weapons and are authorized to carry them on-duty and off-duty as set forth in this section. Officers will participate in periodic firearms training/qualification to maintain firearms proficiency.
02-23 Procedural Order INTERVIEWS AND INTERROGATIONS It is the policy of the Albuquerque Police Department to ensure interview and interrogations are conducted in accordance with New Mexico State law.
02-24 Procedural Order PRELIMINARY AND FOLLOW UP CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS Department policy is to investigate misdemeanor and felonious criminal activity. It is the responsibility of both uniformed officers, and officers assigned to specialized units to carry out investigations in a thorough, efficient, and timely manner. Department personnel will assure compliance with any and all constitutional requirements during criminal investigations which include guarding against coercion or involuntary confessions and admission, failure to inform defendants of their rights, deprivation of counsel, pretrial publicity, etc.
02-25 Procedural Order VICTIM AND WITNESS ASSISTANCE It is the policy of the Albuquerque Police Department to provide assistance to victims and witnesses of crime in cooperation with other state and local agencies and as provided for by state and local law.
02-26 Procedural Order INVESTIGATION OF PROPERTY CRIMES Department policy is to have Field Services officers take the initial reports and conduct follow-up investigations on all property crime cases unless otherwise indicated in the department Standard Operating Procedures manuals.
02-28 Procedural Order INVESTIGATION OF VIOLENT CRIMES Department policy is to investigate all violent crimes within the city of Albuquerque.
02-29 Procedural Order PHOTOGRAPHIC ARRAY AND FIELD IDENTIFICATION Update to this section to meet new CALEA standards. The changes are in blue.
02-30 Procedural Order INVESTIGATION OF POLICE PERSONNEL Department policy is to investigate all criminal cases involving police personnel. Such investigations are important for the maintenance of professional conduct in a law enforcement agency. The integrity of the department depends on the personal integrity of personnel. The public image of the agency is determined by the quality of the criminal investigation.
02-31 Procedural Order SHOOTINGS/USE OF DEADLY FORCE INV DEPT PERSONNEL Department policy is to thoroughly investigate all cases where department personnel are involved in the use of deadly force. This policy does not cover incidents of accidental discharge where no death or injury results or when an officer shoots an animal. The on-call "Police Shooting Team," (PST), is responsible for coordinating the criminal investigation. The department recognizes that certain situations will require the deployment of deadly force to disable a vehicle to prevent the escape of a suspect as outlined in SOP, Procedural Orders, 2-52-3. Department policy is to thoroughly investigate these instances, however the level of response will not rise to the level as those circumstances that deadly force is deployed which has or reasonably could have resulted in death or great bo
02-32 Procedural Order GRAFFITI CASES The Special Investigations Division, Gang Unit, will be responsible for reviewing and submitting completed graffiti reports and cases to the City Attorney for civil action. This review and submission will be where public property was damaged or in certain cases where public funds were used to clean up graffiti on private property. This policy will only apply to cases where an offender is in custody.
02-33 Procedural Order CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN Department policy is to respond to child abuse and/or neglect, immediately. Allegations of child abuse and/or neglect will be thoroughly investigated.
02-34 Procedural Order JUVENILES Department policy is to endorse and support programs designed to prevent and control juvenile delinquency and to use compassion while properly handling juvenile offenders as required by the New Mexico Children's Code. It is recognized that all components and personnel of the department have a responsibility to participate and support the department's juvenile operations.
02-35 Procedural Order CHILD ABDUCTION/MISSING CHILD INVESTIGATIONS Department policy is to respond in a timely and appropriate manner to thoroughly investigate reports of a missing child in order to determine if the missing child has been abducted. The Child Exploitation Detail will assume case responsibility for all verified child abduction cases and will assume case responsibility for missing child cases where there are factors that indicate the disappearance of the child is unusual, or the possibility exists that the missing child is at risk. Additionally, the Department believes that every child reported missing is considered "at risk" until sufficient information to the contrary is confirmed.
02-36 Procedural Order CLANDESTINE DRUG LABORATORY INVESTIGATIONS Department policy is to investigate, dismantle and render safe clandestine drug laboratories with due consideration given to the safety of personnel and the community.
02-37 Procedural Order FORFEITURE OF MONIES AND PROPERTY Department policy is to actively seek forfeiture of monies and property seized for felony violations of the state or federal Controlled Substances Act or as otherwise provided for by law.
02-39 Procedural Order SUBMISSION OF CASES TO THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY Department policy is to present the District Attorney's Office with a felony case that is complete, legible and contains all the necessary documentation for prosecution. Review of cases submitted to the District Attorney is a requirement and a function of the first line supervisor. Cases prepared for the District Attorney will be completed using Department approved formats.
02-40 Procedural Order RESPONSE TO HOLD-UP/SILENT/PANIC/AUDIBLE ALARMS Department policy is to provide the maximum safety possible for officers and citizens during in- progress armed robberies, hold-up alarms, and other alarm situations. In cases of hold-up and Domestic Violence Personal Panic alarms, officers will always be dispatched.
02-42 Procedural Order HOSTAGE, BARRICADED SUBJECT, AND SNIPER SITUATIONS In hostage, barricaded subject, and sniper situations, it is department policy to protect citizens and officers and to arrest the subjects involved with a minimal amount of danger.
02-43 Procedural Order CITY DIRECTOR’S PIN It is the policy of the Albuquerque Police Department to readily identify City Department Directors and dignitaries to allow access to certain areas and events that are secure to the general public.
02-45 Procedural Order USE OF CANINE UNIT Department policy is to utilize the Canine Unit to search buildings for intruders, to track wanted subjects, and to assist in crowd control.
02-46 Procedural Order HAZARDOUS MATERIALS INCIDENT RESPONSE Department policy is to respond to hazardous material incidents and provide a maximum amount of safety to officers and citizens.
02-47 Procedural Order TRAFFIC STOP PROCEDURES Provide a safe environment for motorists as they drive on Albuquerque roadways and highways.
02-48 Procedural Order TOWING AND WRECKER SERVICES Department policy is to authorize the towing of vehicles when necessary as a matter of public safety, to protect property, to preserve evidence, and to remove abandoned vehicles from city streets and property.
02-49 Procedural Order TRAFFIC AND ROADWAY SERVICES Department policy is to ensure that appropriate action is taken in a safe and timely manner in all cases where the department is asked to provide general or emergency assistance to motorists; where it provides public information or directions; and where roadway and roadside hazards are reported to the department or its personnel or are observed by any officer or police service aide.
02-50 Procedural Order RESPONSE TO TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS It is the policy of the Albuquerque Police Department to respond to and investigate traffic accidents, while limiting the impact on the motoring public. This is accomplished through rapid assessment of injury and vehicles and the immediate re-opening of lanes of traffic.
02-51 Procedural Order IDENTIFICATION, INTERVIEWING, AND DETENTION OF WITNESSES TO CRIME Department policy is to investigate misdemeanor and felony criminal activity while balancing public safety concerns and the intrusiveness of the detention of witnesses.
02-52 Procedural Order USE OF FORCE The Albuquerque Police Department (APD) is committed to protecting people, their property, and their rights. It is the policy of the APD to de-escalate situations without using force when possible. Force will not be used against any person except as necessary to protect the sanctity of human life, and to effect lawful objectives. When the use of force is necessary, force will be used in a way that preserves and protects individual liberties. Under current legal standards, APD officers may only use force that is objectively reasonable, based on a totality of the circumstances the officer is confronted with, to effect an arrest or protect the safety of the officer or another person. APD’s policy and training requires that officers not only follow the legal standard, but also, where feasible, identify a range of objectively reasonable alternatives, and, whenever feasible, to use the minimum amount of force necessary within that range to effect lawful objectives. This policy is not intended to limit the lawful authority of APD officers to use objectively reasonable force or otherwise to fulfill their law enforcement obligations under the Constitution and laws of the United States and the State of New Mexico. Officers must remain mindful that they derive their authority from the United States Constitution, Federal and State Laws, and the community. Unreasonable force degrades the legitimacy of that authority.
02-53 Procedural Order ELECTRONIC CONTROL WEAPONS (ECWs) This policy is intended to supplement the Use of Force policy (2-52) by expanding on the expectations regarding the use of electronic control weapons (ECWs). All definitions and requirements in the Use of Force policy apply to this policy.
02-54 Procedural Order USE OF FORCE REPORTING AND SUPERVISORY FORCE INVESTIGATION REQUIREMENTS This policy is intended to supplement the Use of Force policy (2-52) by expanding on the expectations regarding use of force reporting and supervisory force investigations. All definitions in the Use of Force policy apply to this policy.
02-55 Procedural Order USE OF FORCE APPENDIX This appendix is intended to supplement the Use of Force policy (2-52) by specifying the minimum basic training requirements for various use of force options authorized by the Department.
02-56 Procedural Order RESPONDING TO CALLS When officers are responding to a call or are in pursuit of an actual or suspected law violator, they will exercise due regard for the safety of all persons and property.
02-57 Procedural Order PURSUIT BY MOTOR VEHICLE Department policy is to initiate a pursuit only when an officer has reasonable grounds to believe the offender presents a clear and immediate serious threat to the safety of other motorists or the public, which is ongoing and prior to the pursuit beginning, or the offender has committed or is committing a violent felony.
02-58 Procedural Order BAIT CAR PROGRAM New SOP on the Bait Car Program
02-59 Procedural Order DIGISCAN Procedures for the Digiscan device